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Emma Stone would advise her younger self to 'stop' wearing fake tan

Emma Stone would advise her younger self to 'stop' wearing fake tan

Emma Stone would advise her younger self to "stop" wearing fake tan.

The 27-year-old actress has admitted she used to go over the top with the self tanner when she was younger, and if she could give her former self a piece of advice it would be to go easy on the product because it's "enough".

Speaking in a video series with, which sees the star answer 73 personal questions, the flame-haired beauty said: "Stop with the self tanner, it's enough."

Emma admitted she missed out on the end of year party at school and didn't get to dress up for the bash.

However, if she was to return to that period again she would like to think she would have worn a smart tailored two piece.

She explained: "I didn't go to prom, but if I had I hope I would have worn a pant suit."

And the 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' star has revealed she doesn't have a "particular" style icon, but she does look to her close friend for inspiration and wished she could dress like her.

Speaking about her fashion muse, she said: "Noone in particular, but I always find that I want to be dressed like my friend."

And Emma - who won the Volpi Cup for Best Actress at the 73rd Venice International Film Festival for her role as Mia Dolan in 'La La Land' - has admitted the fashion trend she is obsessed with is "tiny boots" and her favourite thing is a good pair of jeans, although she can' stand baggy trousers.

Speaking about the styles she loves and hates, she said: "Tiny boots. [My favourite thing is] jeans.

"[Worst trend] Dropped cropped pants, that's just my opinion."

Meanwhile, the Arizona-born star has revealed her must-have beauty products are face masks, whilst she believes the worst cosmetic trend she followed was wearing temporary tattoo gems/

Speaking about her morning ritual, she quipped: "That's when I apply the prosthetics.

"[I must-have] sheet masks.

"Oh, those rhinestone tattoos from the nineties [were the worst]."