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Emma Hill: My handbags are practical

Emma Hill: My handbags are practical

Designer Emma Hill has never had time off, so designs bags to cater to her busy career and being a single mother.

The former creative director of Mulberry has set sail with a solo venture, launching her own label Hill & Friends and debuting her creations during London Fashion Week last month (Sept15). Alongside her work Emma cares for her son Hudson, nine, and she ensures her designs reflect her multi-tasking lifestyle.

"My job is to make things that people want to buy, and I do that by creating something that will bring joy," she explained to The Edit. "I've never had time off. I didn't take a gap year and I went back to work four weeks after having my baby, so it was nice to stay at home and bake pies. If my son had his way I'd be at home all the time, but he's such a proud mama's boy and he understands that I'm just not made that way.

"I don't do tricksy. I have a busy life; I'm a single mum. I make bags that will go with everything so you feel as though you've always had them."

Emma grew up in Wales with her parents, a mathematician father and ceramicist mother. From a young age she had a knack for dreaming up her own pieces and was heavily influenced by pop culture as a teenager.

"How we dressed was only influenced by music," she smiled of her attempts to create clothes with her friends. "I went through a New Romantic phase, a Rockabilly phase, a Soul phase. I went to gigs all the time; I was obsessed."

She enjoyed jobs at the likes of Burberry, Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein before joining Mulberry in 2007. Her resignation in June 2013 came as a shock and it took the label over a year to replace her, with Johnny Coca stepping into her shoes in November 2014.

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