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Emma Hill: Launching a label is tough

Emma Hill: Launching a label is tough

Emma Hill declares it takes a whole village to launch a fashion label.

The designer is best known for her work with Mulberry, and when she left as creative director two years ago, it took the brand until November 2014 to find a replacement in Johnny Coca.

Yesterday (20Sep15) Emma finally unveiled her new bag label Hill & Friends at London Fashion Week, and made sure she thanked all those that helped along the way.

“You know, launching a label takes a village. I couldn’t have done this without the help of friends," Emma smiled to

The catwalk show was light-hearted and fun, and featured an army of bell boys carrying the new arm candy down the runway.

Dressed in red hotel porter uniforms, complete with hats, the models carried everything from leopard-print totes to pink evening bags with attached gold straps.

"I’m not into complicated bags. I just like to come with a bit of fun," Emma explained.

Other designers included a black glitter day bag and a turquoise bag perfect for a night out.

Emma chose to present her new line at Claridge’s hotel, in the same time slot and location where she used to showcase her Mulberry designs.

She recently spoke to British magazine Stylist about the decision to keep things the same.

"It is and obviously we had conversations about that but I think we kind of started that and it felt like a natural home. I think the businesses are going in very different directions anyway and one of the huge premises of this business is it’s called Hill & Friends – and Claridge’s is a friend. So to not include them because of any weird political stuff would have felt wrong," she admitted.

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