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Emma Hill: Be gentle on my new label

Emma Hill: Be gentle on my new label

Emma Hill wants people to remember her new label is a start up.

The designer rose to fashion fame during her time at Mulberry, quitting her post two years ago. It was left unfilled until Johnny Coca took the creative director job in November 2014.

Since her departure, Emma has been plotting her style return with her own label Hill & Friends. With her first London Fashion Week show just days away, the excitement surrounding the presentation is reaching fever pitch.

"I know, Liz [Matthews, her PR] keeps saying, 'You do realise the level of excitement, people are beside themselves,' and I’m like, 'That’s not helping!' People are expecting big things [but] we’re a start-up," she told British magazine Stylist.

The collection will show 10.30am on Sunday at Claridge’s hotel, the exact same spot and slot that Emma used to show Mulberry.

The decision was a conscious one.

"It is and obviously we had conversations about that but I think we kind of started that and it felt like a natural home. I think the businesses are going in very different directions anyway and one of the huge premises of this business is it’s called Hill & Friends – and Claridge’s is a friend. So to not include them because of any weird political stuff would have felt wrong," she said.

"We’ve always said what we love about Claridge’s – and that applies to our old business [Mulberry] as well as this – is that we kind of make them cool and they make us more luxurious. So what’s really lovely is you can be as bonkers as you like within its confines."

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