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Emma Balfour's passion for possum wool

Emma Balfour's passion for possum wool

Model Emma Balfour doesn’t care how "hippy dippy" she comes across when discussing her love of possum wool.

The Australian star has worked for big brands like DKNY, Celine and Tommy Hilfiger during her career, all helping boost her style credentials. She isn’t afraid to be different either and there’s one material that Emma just can’t get enough of at the moment.

“I wear an awful lot of something I discovered a while ago; it’s possum wool from New Zealand,” she told Vogue Australia. “They do beautiful jumpers and they use the best possum wool. It sounds really hippy dippy but it’s just like a cashmere jumper. And you know, R.M. Williams boots. They last forever and they have a really lovely thing where you can keep getting them fixed so you can make a pair of boots last a really, really long time.”

Emma is all about picking pieces that will last a long time in a bid to “keep the world from tipping over”. Sharing her sustainability tips, the fashionista urges people to be wary of what they spend their money on and if they buy well, pieces can be worn long enough to see a trend end and return.

She has at least one garment which falls under this category in her own wardrobe, sharing: “I’ve got things like an old Marc Jacobs cashmere pea coat that has been worn probably for 30 years and it’s beautiful, the lining needs a little bit of retacking every now and then but aside from that, it’s been in impeccable condition.”

Emma began her career in the ‘90s and has witnessed plenty of changes in the industry since then. One big aspect is social media, which she feels allows people to share their personality more – something that supermodels didn’t have control of back in the day.

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