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Emily Ratajkowski doesn't confirm to beauty ideals

Emily Ratajkowski doesn't confirm to beauty ideals

Emily Ratajkowski is "anti-conformist" when it comes to beauty.

The 25-year-old actress-turned-model had to bleach her hair blonde for her role in new Netflix show 'Easy' and relished the chance to undergo such a dramatic transformation as she wasn't allowed to experiment in her modelling days.

She told WWD: "I think with my [modelling] job I could never do that, but I was going to art school at UCLA before I started doing this full-time and I think of myself as someone who maybe would have been very anti-conformist beauty-wise, so it was fun to play that type."

When it comes to her own style icons, Emily looks to the likes of Patti Smith, Bianca Jagger, Naomi Wolf and Gloria Steinem.

She explained: "Women who are tough and cool and have a lot to say including their style and personal aesthetic."

Speaking about how she prepares for risqué photo shoots, she said: "I'm very lucky genetically that I don't have to work super hard and freak out over my diet.

"It's about balance. For me it's always about trying to consistently maintain a fit and body-conscious eating schedule so three days before I'm not like, Oh my God, I have a bathing suit shoot I have to do.

"People always talk about what they do the night before, but to be totally honest what you do the night before isn't going to make a huge difference in how you look. Maybe eating a giant burger and being bloated would make a difference, but other than that it's the lead-up."

However, the 'Gone girl' star believes looking good isn't about the external appearance, but is about how you feel inside when you adorn a revealing two piece bikini or skimpy swimsuit.

She said: "I know everyone hates when I say this, they think it's a cliché, but if you don't feel good in the bathing suit you're not going to look good. Confidence is really important."