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Emily DiDonato: Upton upped the fashion game

Emily DiDonato: Upton upped the fashion game

Emily DiDonato credits Kate Upton with changing the face of fashion.

Both models are known for their work with Sports Illustrated, with Emily making her debut in the 2013 Swimsuit Issue, for which Kate was the cover star.

Many criticised Kate's curves when she first entered the industry, but the 23-year-old blonde bombshell has proved the naysayers wrong by landing high-fashion deals alongside skimpy underwear shoots.

It proved hugely inspirational for Emily, 24, who now has work with Victoria's Secret and the cover of French Vogue under her belt.

"They check different boxes," she reasoned to British magazine Maxim. "You're in Sports Illustrated - which is a men's magazine - and then you do French Vogue and it's respected by a totally different group of people who have never picked up Sports Illustrated in their life. When I first started modelling, there were a lot of rules about what you can and can't do, and then Kate Upton came along and it was like, you can do everything."

It was the cover of Vogue that really clinched it for Emily, who upon seeing her image on the front of the glossy reasoned she was "pretty solid" and "kind of a big deal" now.

While she'd like to use this platform to move into film roles, just like Kate, Cara Delevingne and Suki Waterhouse, she has no intention of becoming a huge Hollywood star.

The relative anonymity modelling provides her with is too much of a draw in her eyes.

"Financially, it's great, and you do have a level of 'fame', you can call it. But it's not like I can't walk out my door. Plus, they make us look entirely different for the billboard, so by the time you see us like this [gestures], you don't even recognise us. But I'm not just any old Joe," smiled the girl who has it all.

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