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Emilia Clarke's mum 'banned' her from buying a Jack Wills tracksuit

Emilia Clarke's mum 'banned' her from buying a Jack Wills tracksuit

Emilia Clarke's mum "banned" her from buying a Jack Wills tracksuit.

The 29-year-old 'Game of Thrones' actress has admitted her mother had the final say on her wardrobe choices when she was growing up; her parent forbid Emilia from purchasing the British brand's leisure wear set, and "refused" to allow her daughter to shop in the California-style store Hollister, which she likened to a "black box".

Speaking to Time Out magazine about her mother's controlling measures when it came to retail therapy, the brunette beauty said: "I really wanted to get Jack Wills trackie bums, but my mum banned me. She said: "They´re not cool. You´ll wear clothes, dammit!'

"And Hollister - my mum was like, 'I'm not going into that black box with all the music.'"

The 'Me Before You' star - who plays the eccentric dressed Louisa Clarke in the film adaptation of Jojo Moyes novel - has revealed she used to try to emulate her male friends' style.

She explained: "I went to posh boarding schools, but I wasn´t the posh girl at the posh boarding schools. I was the one going: ´Wow, you guys are awesome! I really want to be you!´ And 'Mum, can I have a Polo Ralph Lauren shirt, please?´"

Meanwhile, the 'Me Before You' star - who was born in Wandsworth but moved to London's Dalston, - has revealed she was slammed for her "fancy" style and had to calm down her outfits to fit in with the kooky crowd.

She explained: "When I first moved here, I walked down the street with my friend and she was like, 'Mate, we´re going to have to change how you dress.' I was wearing such fancy clothes. Not fancy clothes, but I didn´t look dirty and I like wearing a little bit of a heel.

"When I was living in Dalston, other people were like: "F***ing dress down, sweetheart."