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Emanuela De Paula: 'I had to work on my inner confidence'

Emanuela De Paula: 'I had to work on my inner confidence'

Emanuela De Paula had to work to find her inner confidence

The Brazilian-born model has starred in campaigns for Victoria’s Secret and is the face of British fashion brand Next’s swimwear line. What the beauty doesn’t know about body confidence can probably be written on a postage stamp, but despite her stellar career, the model has had to work on finding it herself.

"Finding my inner confidence took time, but today I feel very happy with myself,” the 27-year-old smiled to Britain's Look magazine. “Nothing comes easy. I keep my confidence up through mindfulness and exercise.”

Prepping for a Victoria’s Secret show – she graced the VS runway in 2008, 2010, and 2011- as become an event in itself, and Emanuela compares it to “preparing for your wedding day, with extra pressure.”

“It requires super-balanced meals, working out every day for a month prior and keeping the mind focused,” she revealed.

Luckily, Emanuela loves cooking, going to the gym, trying fun new exercises and eating healthy.

The model works out a minimum of four times a week, doing either boxing, Pilates, cycling or dancing. But if she’s short on time, she’ll bust out a whole body workout in 20 minutes using slide discs – plastic discs that look like disposable plates - that can be used on a wood or carpeted floor in a variety of motions to work the body.

If she’s at the beach, an early morning or sunset run does double duty for the model, as both exercise and therapy. She credits her inner happiness to "years of listening to my body, mind and soul”.

The knowledgeable catwalk queen added: “Don’t depend on any quick-fix diet that comes along - listen to your body and focus on a healthy lifestyle. It requires discipline but the rewards are worth the effort.

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