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Elton John thinks Brooklyn Beckham was great 'publicity' for Burberry

Elton John thinks Brooklyn Beckham was great 'publicity' for Burberry

Sir Elton John has defended Burberry's decision to have his Godson Brooklyn Beckham photograph its new campaign.

The 16-year-old star came under fire last month after he was chosen by the luxury brand to shoot it's new fragrance advertisement, but the 68-year-old music icon believes it was a really clever idea because it achieved so much publicity.

He explained: "How much publicity are Burberry getting out of it? That's the whole point. It's like when you do a runway show and you send all the great stuff down that doesn't make it to the shops but it gets in the papers - it's the publicity."

And Brooklyn isn't the first member of the famous family to work for the fashion house as his younger brother Romeo, 13, was also used for its Christmas campaign two years ago.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, Sir Elton said: "Brooklyn wants to be a photographer - Romeo modelled for them, so Brooklyn might as well take the photographs."

Meanwhile, Brooklyn - who is the eldest son of David and Victoria Beckham - sparked controversy two weeks ago after professional photographers claimed his inexperience was a "devaluation of photography and sheer nepotism."