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Elsa Hosk thought she was too tomboyish to model

Elsa Hosk thought she was too tomboyish to model

Elsa Hosk never anticipated she would become a model because she was such as tomboy growing up.

Raised in Sweden, Elsa had her sights firmly set on a career in basketball and playing for the national league, before she was discovered at the age of 13.

"I was such a tomboy," she told Harper's Bazaar. "I was playing basketball, living in Sweden, I didn't give a sh*t - I mean, obviously did not have dreams to be a model."

Though she ultimately abandoned professional basketball for modelling, the blonde beauty says that the intense rigor of the sport helped prepare her for the physical and travel demands of the fashion world.

Elsa, who has starred in Guess campaigns and works as a Victoria's Secret Angel, continues to add basketball moves into her regular workouts and tried to hit the courts on the West Side a lot when she first moved to New York. But her hectic work schedule means she doesn't get as much time to play sport anymore.

"I miss it. Whenever I see a ball I get itchy!" she laughed.

The 27-year-old has just helped unveil the Victoria's Secret Easy Collection and admits she's just as comfortable in a bikini as she would be in a loose basketball shirt nowadays. She even has a vast collection of swimsuits at the ready for whenever she goes on vacation.

"I had a whole bag full. And I still felt like I didn't have enough! Definitely more bikinis then you have days of vacation," she explained. And when it comes to her personal style, Elsa tends to choose comfortable pieces rather than follow style trends. She describes her off-duty wardrobe as a "mix-match" of effortless pieces and vintage store finds.

"I love fashion so I'm always into new things. I'm not necessarily a trend-driven person. I like to kind of do my own thing," she smiled. "I like vintage stores - all over the world. I have a little collection of my favourite stores here and there."

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