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Elsa Hosk is 'too boring' for a dramatic hair cut

Elsa Hosk is 'too boring' for a dramatic hair cut

Elsa Hosk is desperate to try out a dramatic hair cut but thinks she’s too "boring" to actually do it.

The 27-year-old model is famed for her tumbling blonde tresses, which gain just as much attention as her stunning looks while posing for big brands like Victoria’s Secret, Guess and Dior.

Last month (Jul16) Elsa unveiled a platinum blonde bob hairstyle on her Instagram page, though later revealed it was an illusion rather than a real chop.

“It would’ve been so cool,” she said to Teen Vogue of having her hair dramatically trimmed. “And my agency didn’t know if it was real, but they didn’t freak out or anything. I never change my hair, but I’ve been wanting to do it for a long time. I’m very boring, I guess. I want to cut my hair so bad!”

To keep her locks beautifully blonde, Elsa relies on her colourist Lena Ott, who advises her to use purple shampoo in order to maintain her shade.

The Swedish star also shared some of her beauty secrets with the publication, such as how she copes with the heat during the warmer months. Like the rest of us Elsa confessed she sweats “so much” in the summer, so keeps deodorant on her at all times along with Victoria’s Secret Crush fragrance, featuring notes like peony and magnolia.

“It's inspired by a new crush,” she smiled. “It pulls you in, and you want to smell it more. It’s more of a special occasion fragrance, so this would be for a night out. I love the bottle and the vintage atomiser. It’s so cute!”

Elsa concluded her interview by passing pearls of wisdom that she has picked up over the years, particularly when it comes to body image. She urges people to never compare themselves to others, something she used to do a lot when younger.

“I was so insecure about my butt,” she recalled. “When I was growing up, around 14, it wasn’t really cool at the time to have a big butt. I would always cover it with sweaters, and I was so ashamed of it. I’m like, ‘Why would I ever do that? That’s awful!’”

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