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Elsa Hosk: 'I never want to attract attention in my gym'

Elsa Hosk: 'I never want to attract attention in my gym'

Elsa Hosk never likes wearing anything too bright or crazy in her gym.

The 27-year-old fashion star keeps fit by working up a sweat boxing at Mendez Boxing in New York. As a Victoria's Secret model, Elsa has an abundance of cute fitness clothing to choose from, but admits she likes to keep it simple when it comes to what she wears for her vigorous workouts.

"In my gym, I don't want to wear anything too bright or crazy," Elsa told America's Elle magazine. "I don't want to attract too much attention because there's professional boxers around, you know?

"It's very gritty. It's like all professional boxers, but I kind of like it that way. It inspires me a lot. You don't have to look too pretty when you go in there. I wear a sport bra. The maximum support one and just these leggings. That's all I ever wear all the time. It's hot to wear anything. I sweat like a pig, and I don't want to walk around in anything else."

But it's a different story when she attends barre classes. The sessions involve using ballet moves to tone up the core, and girls who attend go all out to ensure they look super stylish.

"When I go to classes I want to look cuter," Elsa continued. "Walking around town, all these girls are so fashionable. And I'm so lucky because I can wear this Victoria Secret. It's the best stuff ever. Maybe then I'll put on something that's more printed, and more colorful, and more fun.

"You got to step it up! You see all these girls, and they've got different outfits everyday... You need to be as on it as you are with your day-to-day outfits."

Elsa was speaking following the release of Victoria's Secret Knockout Front-Close bra, which she said avoids the dreaded "uni-boob" so many sports bras cause. And as it's available in a variety of sizes, the bra is perfect for women of all shapes.

"They're like armour, but it's comfortable," Elsa said of the bra. "It won't move, but it won't squish your boobs in. I think often the biggest problem when you wear these is it creates just like one uni-boob. These don't. Also, what's nice is all the the bras range in size. We have bras that go up to a 38DD, 36DDD, and even as low as a 32A."

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