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Elle Macpherson wakes at 5am every day

Elle Macpherson wakes at 5am every day

Elle Macpherson wakes up at 5am every day.

The 52-year-old supermodel may be an early riser but she makes sure she gets at least seven hours of adequate sleep a night in order for her body to replenish and repair.

Speaking to, she said: "I am pretty simple with my bedtime routine. The focus of our evenings is family time--we love having dinner together as much as possible--with some quiet time to wind down before bed.

"Sometimes it can be tricky having an international business (Australia is waking up in my evening), but I try and go to bed around 10 p.m. and wake up around 5 a.m. I start the wind-down process at about 9 p.m.--it's usually a shower, or sometimes if I need to relax, a bath."

The blonde beauty decided to re-evaluate her bedtime routine after she realised she was constantly stressed.

She explained: "I believe in the power of sleep! When the kids were younger I didn't think twice about late nights and early mornings. I'd start my day with an espresso and off I'd go. But not getting enough sleep started taking its toll--my adrenals were stressed and I wasn't feeling well.

"Even though I believed I was living a healthy lifestyle, I was cancelling out all my good habits by not allowing my body to rest and repair at night. I learned that when we sleep, our bodies have time to recharge and adequately repair. Now I get my seven hours a night!"