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Elle Macpherson talks food faves

Elle Macpherson talks food faves

Elle Macpherson loves butter.

The supermodel, nicknamed The Body, is known for her clean living and dedication to fitness. But it may surprise fashion fans that she's a butter devotee.

"The ingredients you’ll always find in my kitchen are good raw coconut water, butter (because I love it), reduced balsamic vinegar, and great olive oil. Water in glass bottles and raw chocolate are always there too," she revealed to

Elle has no guilt when indulging in sinful food, and enjoys tucking into dark chocolate, meringue and the occasional Starbucks. For her, it's all about eating in moderation. As well as being mindful of her diet, the 51-year-old is also aware of inner wellbeing. This is a trend that she thinks others are now taking notice of.

"I believe people are really starting to focus on inner body wellness - beauty from the inside out, eating in cleaner, more nourishing ways, and being knowledgeable about what they put into their bodies and how this effects the way they feel and look," she explained.

Exercise wise Elle doesn't like to hit the gym, preferring instead to be active for an hour every day. Swimming is her go-to activity, as it's easy on the body and yields results fast.

As well as her catwalk career, Elle also has her own beauty brand. One of the company's most popular products is The Super Elixir; an alkalising greens supplement. Taking it before travelling is Elle's top tip for a healthy trip.

"Stay hydrated. Water is a great way to remove all unwanted retention (especially after flying) and feel lean for summer. I take two teaspoons of The Super Elixir Alkalizing Greens in 500 ml of water just before I get on plane and when I arrive to help combat jet lag, and I drink three litres of water a day," she said.

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