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Elle Macpherson: 'Modelling and money went hand in hand'

Elle Macpherson: 'Modelling and money went hand in hand'

Elle Macpherson thinks the rise of the supermodel in the ‘80s and ‘90s was due to the money floating around Wall Street.

The model, nicknamed The Body, has been a fashion star since the early ‘80s, starting out in her native Australia before becoming a global star.

Along with the likes of Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista, Elle helped make the world of high fashion a glamorous celebrity affair.

“Back then it was a case of distancing ourselves from the public. The more we were made into celebrities and put on a pedestal, the more successful we were,” she recalled to Britain’s Hello! magazine. “You have to remember the flamboyant atmosphere around Wall Street finance at the time, the glamorisation of success and appearances.

“Nowadays, success comes from creating a following through social networks. I like the new generation of models, especially Karlie Kloss.”

Over her career, 52-year-old Elle has worked with everyone from Sports Illustrated to Valentino. She’s now moved into the lifestyle sector, and owns her own successful range of products.

Remembering her modelling heyday, Elle says it was non-stop glamour.

“In the 1980s visionary designers like Azzedine Alaia decided that women would be superstars,” she smiled. “We would enter a room dressed by Alaia and everything would be dazzling - hair, make-up, etc. We were presented to the public as icons.”

Elle is still friendly with her fellow original supermodels, and often sees Cindy and Naomi. Her children attend the same school as Claudia Schiffer’s kids, so she sees the blonde beauty on a regular basis.

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