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Elle Macpherson: Choose courage

Elle Macpherson: Choose courage

Elle Macpherson has advised women with a "niggling desire" for something to plunge straight in.

The 51-year-old star has done a lot over the course of her career. She began as a model, earning the nickname 'The Body' and then branched out into TV and business such as her lingerie line. At 50 she co-founded Welleco, a wellness company which encourages people to make good choices for themselves.

"I highly recommend for any woman who has a niggling feeling, a desire to do something for yourself - find what you love and do it. Choose courage, it's so rewarding," she told "The feeling of purpose, the opportunity to work on something you are passionate about and drive to do something meaningful is the best reason for taking the next step. If you're going to work long hours you have to love it - and I do."

That's not to say launching her company was easy. Elle had to get used to being more than a spokesperson - now every decision comes down to her and she has a board to answer to as well.

One of things she is proudest of about her work ethic is that she's been self-sufficient financially since she was 17. Although money isn't the driving force for the star, she enjoys knowing that she doesn't have to rely on anyone and can help her family if necessary.

Elle has two sons with her ex-partner Arpad Busson and is married to Jeffrey Soffer, who has three children. Having such a full family life means it can be hard to juggle everything, but she and Jeffrey put their kids first.

"We... respect each other's commitment to the kids' education, sporting, and personal development. We are both deeply committed parents and step-parents - I have had to become an organisational magician to keep it all running smoothly," she laughed.

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