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Ella Eyre wants to collaborate with Nike

Ella Eyre wants to collaborate with Nike

Ella Eyre would "love" to collaborate with Nike.

The 22-year-old singer songwriter has admitted she "definitely" wants to partner with the sports giant to launch an Air Max footwear collection, because the chunky 90s style trainer are her all time "favourite" wardrobe staple, and the title of her dream fashion line would be a play on her surname and the brand.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz about joining forces with the iconic fashion house, the 'If I Go' hitmaker said: "I'd love to collaborate, yes absolutely. Mainly because Air Max, and my surname is Eyre - although it is spelt differently - it could be really fun.

"I have tonnes of Air Max, they are my favourite trainer and I'd definitely love to collaborate with them at some point - that would be cool."

And the brunette beauty has always dreamed of having a designated area for her growing shoe collection, which finally came true when she moved in to her new house with her boyfriend and Rixton drummer Lewi Morgan.

She explained: "My cupboard is actually just for my Nike's. The last time I counted it was 70 but I know it's way over that because I've got a whole cupboard now. It's really fun, I moved into my new house and my boyfriend built that wardrobe just because it was something I always wanted to have, because until then I had them all in boxes under my bed and I couldn't really see what I had. Now, I can just walk in and choose."

Meanwhile, the powerhouse has recently taken to social media to share her fondness for the brand's footwear, and posted a photograph on her Instagram account of her holding eight Nike shoe boxes, which were stacked high above her head.