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Ella Eyre's 'astronaut coat' is her most embarrassing item of clothing

Ella Eyre's 'astronaut coat' is her most embarrassing item of clothing

Ella Eyre's "astronaut coat" was her biggest fashion faux pas.

The 22-year-old songstress has revealed her most embarrassing outfit was a silver reflective puffer jacket her mother dressed her in as a child, although she has returned to her former style and has admitted she owns a replica of the item now.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz about some of her most cringe worthy garments, the brunette beauty said: "I would say when I was a kid my mum put me in this big massive astronaut coat, like a big puffer jacket that was silver and reflective.

"What is really funny is as a kid I looked back at pictures and was like 'Mum, why did you put me in that coat.' And then I've actually now got one, which is really funny.

"It's funny how the times turn around and my mum was like 'See, I did know fashion.' "

Meanwhile, the 'If I Go' hitmaker would like to collaborate with her parent, who used to be a fashion designer, on a jewellery line.

Speaking about launching an accessories line, she said: "It's something I'll certainly consider. It's definitely that's been on my mind. I'd love to do a jewellery range as well just because I am a big fan of jewellery and I don't seem to have enough of it really.

"It would be great to design a few of my own pieces that I really love and treasure. I'd definitely love to get involved in that.

"My mum used to be a fashion designer, so I know she would want to get involved in that too. It would be really fun to put my ideas on to some clothes and wear exactly what I want to wear.

"I think it's really important to keep it in the family, and also I think it would be really fun to do as well, especially when you've got two generations and you can learn from both."

Ella Eyre has joined Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss as the ambassador for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer.