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Elizabeth Jagger 'copies' Mick Jagger's make-up looks

Elizabeth Jagger 'copies' Mick Jagger's make-up looks

Elizabeth Jagger has "copied" Mick Jagger's make-up looks.

The 32-year-old English model - who is the daughter of the Rolling Stones' lead singer and his former partner Jerry Hall - has admitted her father is her style muse and the person she goes to for beauty advice because they have the same skin tone.

Speaking about her inspiration, she said: "I've definitely copied some of my dad's make-up looks on nights out. It's a bit funny, but we have the same colouring so it just works.

"For a night out, I'll go a bit bigger and add eye shadow and lipstick.

"I have very 'English rose' type of skin. It's sensitive and reactive, so I really have to treat it right. I like organic, natural products and find they're the best for my skin type. I apply cream all over."

And Elizabeth - who is also known as Lizzy - has revealed she "loves" discovering new tips and trends from her younger sister Georgia, 24, who also gives her free cosmetic products.

She explained: "I love it when she [Georgia May Jagger] gives me amazing new products and beauty tips she gets from working around the world."

However, the brunette beauty - who made her modelling debut in 1998 when she appeared on the runway alongside her 60-year-old mother - has revealed her mother taught her beauty lies within.

Speaking to The Kit online about her mother's influence on her aesthetic, she said: "She [Jerry Hall] taught us that beauty really comes from the inside and from always taking care of yourself. She taught us a lot about hair too."

And Elizabeth has also learned from her grandmother to wear sun protection.

She said: "I always wear sunscreen. I learned that from my mother's mother , ho was from Texas and had very pale skin."