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Elizabeth Hurley 'loves' wearing hats

Elizabeth Hurley 'loves' wearing hats

Elizabeth Hurley "loves" wearing hats, according to Milliner Lady Laura Cathcart.

The 51-year-old model - who became the spokeswoman for Estée Lauder in 1995, and has fronted campaigns for the beauty brand ever since - enjoys wearing head pieces and is the "perfect client" for the Shropshire-based hat designer.

Speaking to WWD website about working with 'The Royals' actress, Laura said: "Elizabeth has worn my hats a few times, including at my wedding. She loves a hat and is the perfect kind of client as well as a friend."

And the mother-of-one - who has 14-year-old son Damian with her ex-partner Steve Bing - recommended Laura to the costume department of the American television series, which sees Elizabeth play the role of Queen Helena.

Laura explained: "She [Elizabeth] very kindly suggested to the costume department of The Royals that they call in some of my hats and I was delighted to see an Instagram from Elizabeth showing that the hats were actually being used in various filmed scenes, including a scene set in the royal stables. I love that it's so camp."

And the creative mastermind - who launched the ready to wear and bespoke handcrafted accessories line in 2011, and has worked with designers Amanda Wakeley and Beulah - is eager to design more items for productions.

She explained: "I'm keen to do more work with costume designers and branch out into more TV and film work. I love period dramas and would love to do more period hats."

Meanwhile, Elizabeth - who launched a beachwear line, which included 12 swimsuits, for the Spanish brand MANGO in 2008 - has revealed she has become "very concerned" about her diet since she became a parent.

Speaking previously, Elizabeth said: "Beauty and health are definitely connected. I've been very concerned with healthy eating since I became a mum.

"I do eat sweets, but I'm aware that it's exhausting to have to lose weight again if you put it on.

"I wish I went to the gym more often."