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Edie Campbell shares Fashion Week tips

Edie Campbell shares Fashion Week tips

Edie Campbell has joked she leaves parties before she "gets aggressive".

The 24-year-old model is understandably super busy during Fashion Week season, which has so far seen her take to the runway for brands including Giles Deacon and H&M.

She's passed on her top tips for surviving the most stylish month in the fashion calendar, which include not overdoing it at the post-show bashes.

"Know when to leave the party, which is about half an hour after you arrive, or else before everyone gets so drunk they start getting aggressive (including myself)," she grinned to

Edie is also keen to be in good shape, which means she walks everywhere and avoids bingeing on junk food. It's especially difficult to stay away from buffet food like mini croissants.

"Just because they are half the size doesn’t mean you can eat twice as many," she deadpanned.

Other advice includes not taking up smoking again and planning in rest days, although she will have done a total of eight shows when Paris Fashion Week comes to a close.

Recently, the fashion star has had a reddish tint to her hair, but she's sported everything from bright blonde to brunette too. Luckily, she's found a product that keeps her tresses tamed with all that dyeing and styling.

"Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is the only thing. It’s like a little pot of lard that you can put on your head, and then you put a shower cap over it and really cook the fat into it. That is the best thing I’ve found," she previously shared with

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