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Edie Campbell: Mum is fashion muse

Edie Campbell: Mum is fashion muse

Edie Campbell is constantly inspired by her mother.

The British clothes horse is one of fashion's most exciting names, and alongside her striking looks, the 24-year-old is lauded for her unique style.

Edie has quite a punk attitude when it comes to clothes, and credits her mum, former fashion editor-turned-architect Sophie Hicks, for helping cultivate her fashion sense.

"My mum encourages me to look at clothes as a way of expressing an idea. She opened my eyes to the possibility of clothes being about more than making you look pretty. She wears a lot of Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy and Courrèges, but also taught me it’s fine not to look polished," Edie told British magazine Stylist.

Sophie's flawless style genes were also passed down to her other daughter, Olympia, who also works as a model.

Other inspirations for Edie are David Bowie and his use of different personas, and model Stella Tennant, who Edie describes as having "such a strong sense of self", expertly separating fashion from life.

Her last role model is Love magazine editor Katie Grand.

"Katie always goes with her gut instinct. She never overthinks anything. She encourages people to do exactly what they want and I think that’s a really strong lesson in fashion where everything can be so contrived and quite laboured sometimes. Katie does things because they’re fun, not because she thinks they’re going to change the world. That light-heartedness is important," Edie smiled.

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