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Edie Campbell: Go wild with fashion!

Edie Campbell: Go wild with fashion!

Edie Campbell thinks people should do whatever they want when it comes to fashion.

The British model has successfully made a name for herself in the industry, having worked with brands including Christian Dior, Burberry, Alexander McQueen and Chanel. The 24-year-old is known for changing the style and colour of her hair almost as much as the campaigns she stars in, and the star thinks it’s important to keep switching things up.

“Do wear whatever you want, do dye your hair as many different colours as possible, do make your own clothes, I think you should just do everything,” she told H&M in an online video.

However Edie did have one big no-no that she felt people should take heed of.

“Don’t get bad tattoos,” she added.

Edie has joined forces with the high street store for this year's Autumn/Winter collection. During the shoot she shared some of her favourite items from the range.

“The collection was a bit 70s with a futuristic feel, a bit of a moon theme,” she said, while sitting in a pale plum coloured suit. “I really like the little sparkly tops, this suit actually and all the trousers are really good.”

It’s no surprise that Edie enjoyed wearing the collection as the 70s seems to be one of her favourite decades for fashion. And if she could wear anything from the era, it would be an ensemble sported by legendary singer David Bowie.

“I love dressing up, I like fancy dress best,” she added. “Full Ziggy Stardust wardrobe, that’s what I would wear.”

Having been modelling for a number of years now Edie has picked up some top tips on how to survive in the fashion world, which she thinks can apply to any walk of life too.

“Arrive on time, never lose your passport, always shave your legs, done, three life lessons,” she laughed.

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