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Edie Campbell: Fashion is about expression

Edie Campbell: Fashion is about expression

Edie Campbell believes fashion should be fun.

The British model shot to style stardom after being chosen by Mario Testino for a Vogue feature about up-and-coming Londoners, and was quickly cast by the famed photographer in a Burberry campaign.

Two years ago Edie decided to chop her long hair off, opting for an edgy crop instead. She hasn't looked back since.

“Fashion is meant to be fun. That is the point; to express something," she enthused to US Vogue. "And sometimes, a wig’s just not good enough! Also, when there’s someone like Guido [Palau, hair stylist], or Steven Meisel [photographer] or Grace Coddington [Vogue creative director] asking you to cut your hair, why would you say no? These super creative, wonderfully talented people obviously know better than you!

“[I don't miss it] at all. When you have long hair, you’re always collecting it - on your clothes, in the shower. My hair never gets caught in my bag strap now, and I don’t own a hairbrush. Plus, I love getting my hair cut or coloured."

As well as walking for major fashion houses and starring in high-profile campaigns for Lanvin and Hugo Boss, Edie is currently fronting YSL's Black Opium perfume ads.

The 24-year-old first became interested in fragrance as a teenager, when she had a light bulb moment and realised the power of perfume.

“I was about 13 and all of the sophisticated girls at school were like, ‘This is my signature scent.’ That’s when I first realised that there was this potent thing that allowed you to be like, ‘This is me; this my aura; this is the cloud I operate in'," she revealed.

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