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Eckhaus Latta's do excess

Eckhaus Latta's do excess

Eckhaus Latta’s latest collection is all about excess.

The label is made up of designers Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta. The pair have an unconventional approach to their collections, and their latest offering is no exception.

“I think this collection is about excess, layering things and the rich colours. At the end, we had pleating. Beading is something we've never really worked with before,” Mike told “We wanted to think about what it would be like to create an overall surface in a beaded textile. Would it become decoration or more of an object? Then in the form of a harness, it's like a sea anemone or glass fur. It's fun to explore that language and have it be something you can wear over a t-shirt.”

The duo call upon friends and models of all shapes, sizes, gender and ages to walk in their shows. Their creations include coral hued pleated separates, a pale pink glass beaded harness and draped baby blue shifts.

“Things were getting draped in a way that was chaotic,” he added. “It was about having things not feel pristine, but not having things feeling deconstructed with a raw hem either.”

When it comes to the person they have in mind while designing, Mike reveals it’s someone who is very self-assured regardless of what they wear.

“I think we're designing for these people who are not looking to find a brand to find themselves, but they're drawn to clothing because it enhances their being,” he said. “They're not trying to prescribe to any particular identity.”

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