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Ebonee Davis: 'Fashion can help end racism'

Ebonee Davis: 'Fashion can help end racism'

Ebonee Davis has called for those in the fashion industry to help bring an end to racism.

The African American model recently landed a stunning Calvin Klein campaign, in which she shows off her natural hair and flawless skin. Revealing she has now embraced her natural beauty, without the need for hair relaxing and weaves, Ebonee brought up the subject of race and the struggle people of colour are currently facing in America.

In the wake of the shootings of black men Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, Ebonee explains attitudes in fashion aren’t so different to police brutality, although she concedes the level of severity certainly is. In an essay published in Harper’s Bazaar, the model makes a plea for people to come together and combat the current problems facing the United States.

“As artists, we are the embodiment of free speech,” she wrote. “We set the tone for society through the stories we tell with our art. Fashion makes people’s minds up about what is beautiful and acceptable. We cannot revel in black culture with disregard for the struggles facing the black community.

“We must ban together to neutralise the phobias surrounding black culture. Stop vilifying people of colour and produce positive, accurate and inclusive imagery rather than perpetuating trite stereotypes … the Time for change is now.”

She also explains that the shootings led her to realise how important and powerful her Calvin Klein shoot was.

The 23-year-old is the latest black model to speak up over the lack of diversity still seen in fashion. Naomi Campbell and Leomie Anderson have also voiced their concerns.

“Love black people as much as you love black music and black culture,” Ebonee continued. “Until you do, society will continue to buy into the false notion that people of colour are less than.”

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