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DvF: We are all inspirations

DvF: We are all inspirations

Diane von Furstenberg insists people don't have to be successful to inspire.

The designer has become an icon in the world of fashion thanks to her ladylike designs, including the recognisable wrap dress.

Her talents have seen her win countless honours over the years, including the CFDA's Lifetime Achievement Award. She insists anyone is able to have the same influence if focused enough.

"Everybody inspires everybody. You don't necessarily have to be that successful to inspire anybody, you just have to pay attention," she explained as part of the Paradigm Shifters series. "You can't force inspiration, you either do or you don't. Your goal is not to inspire people. You do good things and hopefully will inspire people.

"Awards are really about your peers recognising you. The CFDA Awards are about other designers recognising you. And that's very nice, because when your peers who compete with you then recognise you, it's a special thing. So that's really what it is."

As well as feeling strongly about style, Diane is a supporter of women's rights. The fashionista doesn't think women are doing well in the world right now and is shocked by the fact that one in four females are victims of domestic abuse in the US.

Her DVF Awards recognise ladies who are working hard to challenge the status quo and Diane sees a common quality in all those who are awarded.

"They all are people who had to use strength to fight. It's the courage to fight, the power to survive, and the leadership to inspire. They not only survived whatever they did, but they made it their mission, and they inspire. And it's relentless; it's not, oh I did this and it happened," she added.

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