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DvF serious about new shoe line

DvF serious about new shoe line

Diane von Furstenberg is launching a shoe line.

The designer has inked a deal with licensing company Brown Shoe Co. for the range, but fans will need to wait a little while for it as it’s not due to hit stores until Resort 2016.

For Diane, it’s the perfect partnership.

“I love my legs, but I count on my feet. Nothing is more important than shoes for the confident, sexy woman on-the-go,” she told WWD.

It’s not the first time Diane has dipped her toe into footwear, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t excited. She believes her new offering will be bold, fresh and completely different to what else is available. In part that’s because she has been careful to think about what the market is lacking at the moment.

“I’m very excited. This time I’m really putting my feet there. I’m really serious about it,” she said.

“When you wake up in the morning, strangely enough, you think of where you’re going, and before you even think of what you’re wearing, you think of your shoes.”

According to Diane, that means making different decisions depending on what lies ahead. It might mean flats for a day spent on your feet, or stylish heels if you need to impress at work. Whatever the case, she plans to design something for every “woman-solution” there might be.

The line will range in price between $150 and $595, with the upper cost being for designs like boots. Sandals are heels will also feature, along with what Diane calls “power” shoes – thought to be dressy and high heels.

“She [DVF] talks about her brand being effortless, sexy and confident. When you think about the footwear that matches that, it’s high-quality footwear, very modern in its aesthetic, but very feminine, and delivering against those principles of her DNA,” chief executive officer and chairman of Brown Shoe Co. Diane Sullivan explained.

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