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Dries Van Noten struggled to open up for new documentary

Dries Van Noten struggled to open up for new documentary

The director of the new Dries Van Noten documentary found it a "challenge" to get the famously private designer to open up on camera.

DRIES offers viewers an insight into Van Noten's life and work, with filmmaker Reiner Holzemer capturing everything from his relationship with Patrick Vangheluwe to his passion for fashion.

But Holzemer admits it wasn't easy to get his subject to lower his guard for the project, especially as he had so much on his plate while shooting.

"Dries is a very discreet person, so it was a challenge to open him up, to get him in a relaxed and quiet moment, in a concentrated moment, because he is a very busy man," the director told Wonderland magazine. "He's not only working on the creative side of his company and his brand, he's also the business, the owner, the CEO... So he has a very busy schedule every day. The difficult thing was to get him to sit down and concentrate. To get him really deep into his philosophy, to get deep into his mind and his thinking was very important."

Holzemer also noted Van Noten struggled with showing his flaws in front of the camera, even after they had spent a year working on the film together.

However, the award-winning designer did manage to consistently impress Holzemer with how many different areas he is able to focus on all at once when it comes to his namesake label, citing one example as when Van Noten was developing a menswear collection.

"He was talking about white suits, and checks and stripes, so I followed that a little bit and then two weeks later I came to shoot again and there was a Marilyn Monroe fabric on the floor, and I didn't get that. How did he put those elements together?" the filmmaker mused. "Two weeks ago he was talking about white suits and stripes and checks and now we have Marilyn! So he surprised me with so many new ideas..."

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