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Dries Van Noten: I can always do better

Dries Van Noten: I can always do better

Dries Van Noten doesn't let himself off the hook easily.

The Belgian fashion designer needn't be so tough on himself: he has shops all over the world and has been worn by the likes of Nicole Kidman and Julianne Moore.

But despite all the success, the 57-year-old won't quit until he's reached his limits.

"I'm often very strict with myself and won't easily forgive my mistakes; I constantly want to better myself," he admitted to German magazine Lufthansa Exclusive.

"Just saying: 'That will do, that's enough,' is an attitude I can't relate to at all."

Dries is completely obsessed with fashion and art and with such a perfectionist mindset, it's hard for him to switch off. Luckily he does have one escape valve: his garden.

"The fashion world is often a bit hectic for me," he admitted. "When I'm working in my garden, I relax."

His oasis of calm is situated at his home in Belgium, which he shares with his partner in business and life, Patrick Vangheluwe. The garden isn't just his place to switch off, but also something that has brought the couple closer together.

"Without that, my relationship with Patrick would likely not have survived," he confessed. "If we hadn't stopped just constantly discussing work, problems with the deliveries and materials, we would no longer have connected on a personal level."

Dries will now be preparing for the next set Fashion Week in September, having shown off his new menswear collection last month, paying homage to Marilyn Monroe by printing her face on shirts.

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