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Dries Van Noten: Design dreams shocked dad

Dries Van Noten: Design dreams shocked dad

Designer Dries Van Noten says it took his father 20 years to admit his work was good because he was so disappointed he didn't take over the family business.

Dries comes from a fashionable family, with his grandfather working as a tailor and his dad running a haberdashery.

While it would arguably have been easy for the fashion star to continue tradition, he always knew he wanted something else - much to the dismay of his father.

"I had my rebellious moments," he smiled to Germany's Interview magazine. "When I was 18 or 19 we lived in the countryside. I hated it and just wanted to leave. I stayed true to fashion, but our family business was all about classic sale and resale. But I knew very early on that I wanted to design for myself. It was a huge shock for my father; he was hoping I'd take over the business.

"It took him about 20 years until he could admit that what I was making wasn't so terrible!"

Luckily his many fans prove Dries made the right decision by branching out on his own. And it's the customer he has in mind at all times when dreaming up new collections.

"I don't really think about myself when designing," he explained. "If that were the case, my customer would age with me, and that wouldn't be good. But it's true that if I have a particular affinity for a certain piece in my collection I'll just take 12 of them home with me!"

Dries added that he does use fashion to show his personality, however it's never been a means of surprising or shocking anyone for him.

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