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Dree Hemingway 'never' uses a hairdryer

Dree Hemingway 'never' uses a hairdryer

Dree Hemingway has "never" used a hairdryer.

The 28-year-old American model has admitted she doesn't sue the electronic appliance because she doesn't own the gadget and simply lets her long blonde locks dry naturally.

Speaking about her beauty hacks to Harpers Bazaar, the blonde beauty said: "I like my hair to have a natural texture so I never use a hairdryer. I don't even own one - my hair just dries on its own."

And the 'Live Cargo' actress has admitted she has a simplistic beauty regime, because she doesn't use shampoo and simply washes her golden tresses with conditioner.

She explained: "I try to make time for a coconut-oil mask once a week and my colourist, Lena Ott at Suite Caroline, is a genius. I use Klorane Shampoo occasionally but I don't really shampoo my hair. I just use conditioner."

Meanwhile, Dree - who was announced as the face of the designer French label Chloé's latest fragrance Chloé Fleur de Parfum - has admitted roses are here signature scent because it brings her a sense of nostalgia.

Speaking about her favourite perfume, she said: "Roses [like in Chloé Fleur de Parfum] or night-blooming jasmine. Those scents remind me of growing up and the flowers in our garden."

And Dree - who is the great granddaughter of American author Ernest Hemingway - has revealed she never wears make-up when she is flying but uses hydrating skincare products for the long haul flights.

Speaking about her beauty hacks when she is travelling, she said: "I don't wear make-up when I'm flying and I use Witch Hazel travel pads and a very hydrating face cream.

"Never do your make-up on an unwashed, unmoisturised face and mix your foundation with your moisturiser. Your skin should be able to breathe.

"Try a hydrating face mask and sleep in it. It does wonders!"