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Dree Hemingway: I don't sweat

Dree Hemingway: I don't sweat

Dree Hemingway has never used deodorant because she doesn't ever sweat.

The 27-year-old model is the face of Chloé's Eau de Parfum, which has led to many questions about the kind of scents she likes and her own smell. That is where things get interesting, as the stunning star reveals she doesn't give off an odour.

"I don't smell, really," she told The Cut. "I've never used deodorant ever in my life. I guess I have a naturally pleasant scent. I don't sweat ever. I used to do ballet for 15 hours a day and I used to get like one drop of sweat."

That doesn't mean Dree is immune to the power of smell though, as there are many scents which instantly conjure up memories for her. Some are good and some not so much - such as a fishy pong which used to linger around her home.

"I think it was my mother's perfumes," she said of her first perfume memory. "I can't remember what it was, but she always used to wear jasmine. She had a jasmine and a fig one, which was really nice. My mom also used to burn candles around the apartment. It's funny how you don't register until later on in your life that these smells bring back so many memories. Also there were bad smells. My mother used to make salmon and it would just stink up the house."

Dree is a fan of the evocative nature of smell, and she finds herself calling on many products because they remind her of a certain time in her life. For example, there is a cream which smells of coconuts called Skin Trip which instantly transports her to her youth.

"I had this nanny my mother hired - she used to use it all the time," she recalled. "I remember being in love with that smell and recently found it again at Whole Foods. I live for that product and I also think it's the one thing that can take care of a sunburn."

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