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Donna Karan: Fabric fanatic

Donna Karan: Fabric fanatic

Donna Karan thinks it's "always about the fabric" when it comes to designing.

The 66-year-old has had a long career in fashion, having shown her first collection in 1985 after working at Anne Klein since the late 60s. Her latest garments have been as well received as ever and how Donna designs a range has never changed in all these years.

"I wanted to say with this collection that it was about the elegance, about the craft. Fabrications are incredible right now. Fabric always talks to me. It tells me, “Hi, I love you.” For me, it is and always will be about the fabric," she told WWD. "The fabric and the body. The fabric tells me one thing and the body tells me another. If I look back at all of the collections I’ve done, I know when I go this route and I know when I don’t go this route. It’s very simple. I put the shoes on the floor and I go, 'Am I showing flats, am I showing heels, am I showing boots?' It’s all really defined."

For her latest collection that definition remained, even though it was an ensemble of opposites. Donna kept it clear in her head what she wanted to portray.

"It was a romance—in modernity, the two worlds coming together, a modern romance. It had geometry and it had softness. It had power and it had calm. It had all of the conflicting opposites," she explained. "Originally we were going to put white in the collection for a real black-and-white, opposites-attract kind of feeling. But I felt the silhouettes really said it all and the white would detract."

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