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Donatella Versace likes to be challenged by colleagues

Donatella Versace likes to be challenged by colleagues

Donatella Versace prefers to work with people who question her style sensibilities.

The fashion maven is the current vice president of the Versace Group, as well as its chief designer. Helming the contemporary European label for nearly 20 years now, following the tragic murder of her brother Gianni in 1997, Donatella considers the secret to her success to be in effective team building. And the 61-year-old claims to always surround herself with people whose tastes differ from her own.

“I never work with those who love Versace unconditionally. I prefer those who question everything I do and that really helps me to move forward,” she told Buro 24/7. “For instance, there is a girl in one of my studios who is a minimalist in everything: she always wears black clothes and flat shoes and never uses make-up. She challenges me and I like it.”

The Versace brand, known for sexy dresses and tailored suiting, presents up to 10 collections each year. But Donatella thinks this may be too much and believes high-end shops don’t need to be filled with hundreds of outfits.

"It's enough to have 10 good items in your showroom and then add 10 more to refresh the assortment,” she explained, adding that the current fashion calendar is no longer sustainable, particularly when it comes to couture.

While she can satisfy client demands with her more accessible Versus line, the atelier branch of the brand can “no longer” keep up the pace of luxury. “We used to have six months after any show to prepare the clothes, now we have no more than two. I think the fashion calendar is no longer sustainable. Maybe we (by we I mean all of those people who are in the industry) need to sit together and discuss a new fashion order,” she mused.

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