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Domenico Dolce: 'Real designers never stop'

Domenico Dolce: 'Real designers never stop'

Domenico Dolce believes real designers "need" to constantly work.

The fashion designer is one half of famous brand Dolce & Gabbana, and joined his business partner Stefano Gabbana recently for a discussion as part of Vogue Festival. On the topic of aspiring fashion stars, Domenico thinks they need to live and breathe the world of style.

"My question is, 'Do you want to be a designer, or work in fashion?'" he mused. "They're two different things. If you're a real designer you never stop. In your heart you need to sketch and research and always work. If you're honest and you want to be a designer the job is very hard. You have to be serious, not just taking selfies. Many designers work for other brands, but it's too easy. At the end of the day you close the door and go home. If you design your own collections then you never finish."

Domenico and Stefano admit they are "complete opposites" when it comes to their outlook on work, but they always end up arriving at the same point. Quizzed on whether they turn to each other for advice, Domenico revealed he only asks for Stefano's opinion when he's completely sure about something as he's "sensitive to criticism".

"I tell him, 'If you want your answer, don't ask for my answer!' And then I go back to the fourth floor!" Stefano laughed.

The two men are fans of their own creations, however they never nab them for free. With each designer having a big family, they reason they can't give everything to everyone, and they also hope to set a good example to others by paying for their own pieces.

"A girl asked me on Instagram for free Dolce & Gabbana things because for me it would be nothing and I said, 'Okay, you go and make a list for yourself and for everybody!' I was joking," Stefano shared. "People call me cheap, but why I am I cheap? I work. I would love to, but..."

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