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Dolly Parton will do 'whatever it takes' to look beautiful

Dolly Parton will do 'whatever it takes' to look beautiful

Dolly Parton will do "whatever it takes" to look young and beautiful.

The 70-year-old country singer has admitted she will undergo cosmetic surgery and have "a little nip and tuck" to get rid of any signs of ageing because she wants to grow older gracefully and look like she "ain't stopped".

Speaking to Stylist magazine about the extreme beauty measures she will take to look youthful, she said: "Cosmetic Surgery is a way of making people realise that you ain't stopped. If I need a little nip and tuck here and there, I'll do whatever it takes to look as good as I can and I'll try to take as good care of myself as I can.

"You know, time marches on and sometimes you feel like it marches right across your face, but if you can get rid of a few wrinkles or whatever, especially if your face is going to be stuck on a movie screen, if you have the desire to do it, if you have the money to do it and you got the nerve to do it - why not? To me, it's part of growing old with grace.

"I have no intention of ever retiring."

And the '9 to 5' hitmaker has admitted she is happy with her appearance and ignores any negative comments she receives so she can continue to be happy with her body and successful in her music career.

She explained: "I'm not going to give a damn what anyone else is thinking, or else I can't b happy, I can't be successful."

And the blonde haired star believes the late iconic American actress Grace Kelly would have gone under the knife if she could have afforded it.

Speaking about the 'To Catch a Thief' star she said: "Well, I wonder what Grace would have done - if she had the money, she'd probably have had her face done too."