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Dolly Parton has tattoos to cover her scars

Dolly Parton has tattoos to cover her scars

Dolly Parton had tattoos to cover her scar tissue.

The 70-year-old '9 to 5' hitmaker has revealed she has a few butterfly inkings scattered across her body, which were not intended to be part of a "fashionable fad" but were in a bid to conceal scar tissue she has from operations she has had.

Speaking about her body art, the singer songwriter said: "Yes, I have tattoos. But I don't have many. And they weren't meant as a fashionable fad or statement. They are in pastel shades, and they were all done to cover scar tissues from surgeries."

The country singer has revealed she has the tattoos engraved over her keloid scars, which are when the skin rises quite prominently and have a pink or purple colouring to it but do not shrink in size but expand even more, for "decoration".

She explained: "I have a tendency to scar real bad, I have what they call keloid scars. So instead of looking at purple scars, I'd put little tattoos in different places to cover them up, tiny little butterflies here and there, scattered around for decoration."

Despite covering certain areas with the intricate art, Dolly has admitted she doesn't care what people think of her and shuts off any negative comments so she can continue to feel happy about herself and her body, as well as successful in her music career.

She told Stylist magazine: "I'm not going to give a damn what anyone else is thinking, or else I can't be happy, I can't be successful."

Meanwhile, Dolly has admitted she accepts she's not a "natural beauty" and has admitted her only "real" feature is her heart.

Speaking previously, she said: "All of my stuff is painted on. The only thing real about me is my heart!"