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DKNY: The customer is key

DKNY: The customer is key

DKNY sees its customers as peers.

The fashion house is run by Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne, who were announced as the brand's new creative directors earlier this year. They're busy at work on their debut collection for the label and have shared what kind of woman will feel drawn to their clothes.

“Our customers are our peers, everyone who is still on their journey, people who are successful but they don’t feel like they’ve reached it yet,” Maxwell told WWD. “They’re still on their journey, working every day. They still want to look great doing it.”

It's an impressive achievement for the duo as they also run brand Public School.

They'll be showcasing their first range for DKNY during New York Fashion Week on September 16. After previously watching the label go off course when attempting to expand its audience, Maxwell and Dao-Yi are keen to bring the attention back to the more mature woman.

“The trajectory for the DKNY girl is that she had been getting younger and younger — and younger,” Dao-Yi added. “But it didn’t feel authentic to what the brand was, it was too young; it was just too young for us... The modern woman we envision has just started getting into her own in terms of career, starting a family, her life is multilayered with different dimensions. When you’re young, it’s not as complex. For us, those complexities and those dimensions are the interesting pieces in determining what she wants to wear.”

However the fashionable pair hasn't steered completely away from DKNY's foundations. Luckily they approved of them and could relate to them, making it easier to embrace the history of the label in their creations.

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