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DKNY shows art support

DKNY shows art support

DKNY has pledged its support to art, entering into a partnership with the New Museum in New York.

The American fashion label, helmed by joint creative directors Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne, will work closely with the museum on its New Women’s Project and provide support for five female artists who will host exhibitions over the next 12 months.

DKNY will also be involved in the New Museum’s Artemis Council, a by-invitation membership initiative focused solely on supporting female artists. “Art is a big influence on our work,” Maxwell said to The Wall Street Journal. “Everything we look at just helps us get inspired all the time.”

“It gets our brains going and really expands our horizons,” added Dao-Yi.

Both the designers and museum bosses are hopeful the collaboration will be a successful one, as the two parties have a lot in common. Top of the list is that both their heritages are rooted in the Big Apple, and both were founded by women.

“We want to be able to affect the culture from an artist’s standpoint, which will ultimately lead us to create better collections,” Dao-Yi smiled.

Director of the New Museum, Lisa Phillips, insists no alterations have been made since Maxwell and Dao-Yi have come on board, and plans remain true to the original blue prints.

“Our programming isn’t going to change (based on the DKNY sponsorship)," Lisa stated. "They were already happening. But we’re really in alignment. We have very similar interests and goals.”

Artists Nicole Eisenman, Goshka Macuga, Cally Spooner, Andra Ursuta and Beatriz Santiago Muñoz are all part of the museum's spring line up.

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