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Dior’s Peter Philips: 'Seasonal colours don’t exist anymore'

Dior’s Peter Philips: 'Seasonal colours don’t exist anymore'

Dior’s Peter Philips doesn’t believe beauty trends are synced with those in the fashion world.

The Belgian make-up artist has a background in graphic and fashion design, and has been the creative and image director of Christian Dior make-up since 2014.

As well as his trend-setting colour collections, Philips is also known for his bold swipes of make-up and use of unusual materials, incorporating feathers, pearls and fabrics into editorial and couture looks.

While he takes a hands-on approach when creating looks for runway shows, he doesn’t believe beauty trends follow the same cycles as fashion seasons. “It’s not like it used to be, (when) fashion was guided season after season, and automatically make-up followed that. It’s much broader,” he told WWD. “Seasonal colours don’t really exist anymore. It’s almost on a daily basis that things change in beauty, that things are hot and new, depending on who is wearing what.”

Philips adds that with the emergence of reality TV and the Internet, fashion and beauty have become more accessible, and style has democratised. Along with filming beauty tutorials for the Dior Web series, which star make-up ambassador Bella Hadid, Philips is also focused on sharing his ideas through social media. Becoming an online star in his own right, he posts regularly on Instagram through DiorMakeup and through PeterPhilipsMakeup, where he has 302,000 and 100,000 followers, respectively.

Accordingly, he designs all of his collections with a broad audience in mind.

“I create for a house which is global, so my products, my creations, the innovation that we bring have to please women worldwide,” he explained. “It’s not me that’s going to say: ‘This matte lipstick is going to be the trend you have to wear now.’ Those days are over.”

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