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Diddy never misses nightly skincare ritual

Diddy never misses nightly skincare ritual

Diddy never misses his nightly skincare ritual.

The 45-year-old rapper has revealed he loves using hydrating serums and face masks and refuses to skip out on applying them no matter how late he gets home.

He said: "My skincare routine is mainly at night, just before I go to bed. I wash my face, and I like putting hydrating night serums on, things meant for rejuvenation. I like the Nars Skin line. I use their Optimal Brightening Concentrate and have not skipped a night since I bought it, no matter how late I get home.

"But my favourite products are from Natura Bissē because they're so effective. And masks are a thing I'm starting to get into. There's a sheet mask I had on at a facial recently. I looked like the Boogie Man. Or maybe a mummy? ... My bathroom is filled with so many different toiletries, so every night is a different experience.

"I also drink a big bottle of Aqua Hydrate before bed. You have to hydrate from the inside out."

The 'Bad Boy For Life' hitmaker - who also has his own fashion and lifestyle company Sean John through which he recently released his new fragrance 3AM - added he only needs a spritz of his own scent and a coffee to get him feeling red-carpet ready.

He explained to Into The Gloss: "I'm definitely a night person. I'll take a nap in the afternoon, which you've got to do if you start your day at 9pm. Then I'll drink some coffee to amp me up or take a really long shower and then air dry. And I think fragrance is a very important part of my getting-ready ritual because it's what people remember most about you. I like to mist myself with 3AM right out of the shower, so I can really soak in the scent."