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Diane von Furstenberg clones pet dog

Diane von Furstenberg clones pet dog

Diane von Furstenberg loves her dog so much that she paid $100,000 to have her cloned.

The fashion designer and her media executive husband Barry Diller were apparently so attached to their Jack Russell terrier Shannon that they had the pampered pooch’s DNA cloned by a specialist company, which created a pair of puppies who are almost exact replicas.

According to Page 6, the two clones, named Deena and Evita, are almost exact replicas of Shannon.

Diller and Furstenberg are known for their over-indulgence when it comes to their dog—Shannon apparently sleeps in a grand, custom-made, neoclassical doghouse, and is treated more like a spoiled child than an animal.

Shannon was a hit around Hollywood, having been the talk of the town on more than one occasion.

One year, she interrupted Diller and von Furstenberg's pre-Oscars picnic by climbing on to the Spanish-style roof of the couple's hacienda.

She then ran back and forth close to the roof's edge, worrying guests including Shirley MacLaine, Joan Collins and Diana Ross.

In addition to Shannon, Furstenberg has two children—son, Prince Alexander, and daughter, Princess Tatiana - from her first marriage to Prince Egon of Furstenberg.

Diller, who was a “confirmed bachelor” up until his shock marriage to von Furstenberg in 2001, at age 60, has no children of his own, but is said to be close to his step-children.

Cloning dogs costs up to $100,000 (£70,800), and is done by a Korean firm that implants the animal's DNA into a dog egg.

A representative for Diller confirmed the cloning but didn’t comment further. It is unknown if Shannon is still living.

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