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Devon Windsor 'never ever' thought she'd model for Victoria's Secret

Devon Windsor 'never ever' thought she'd model for Victoria's Secret

Devon Windsor "never ever" thought she would model for Victoria's Secret.

The 22-year-old model - who made her debut on the lingerie giant's runway in 2013 and is set to return for the fourth time later this month - has admitted she had "always dreamed" of starring in the shows but swatted her goal away because she didn't think it would ever become a reality.

Speaking to about her modelling career and the moment she received the confirmation call in three years ago to walk in the catwalk show, the blonde beauty said: "I always dreamed of being in the show and I would always watch, but I never, ever thought that I would get it.

"I screamed, 'OH MY GOD! This isn't happening!' in the middle of the store and had to run out! It just changed my life."

Although the blonde beauty has admitted she is a "little less nervous" about modelling for the fashion house because she is better friends with her fellow models, she has admitted stepping foot on the catwalk is the "scariest" but "most exciting" moment for her.

She explained: "It's still extremely exciting, and amazing, and nerve-wracking. I guess I'm a little less nervous than my first time, but right before you walk it's still the scariest but most exciting moment ever. I guess I didn't know anyone my first year. Now I'm friends with basically everyone that's in the show, which just makes it more fun and more enjoyable.

"Randomly enough, Gigi Hadid and I used to bake cookies for IMG a couple times back then [when we were starting out]. That was when I just moved to New York."

Meanwhile, Devon has admitted she is a "really bad dieter", and thinks if she was to embark on a strict eating regime she would look "too skinny".

Speaking about her eating and fitness regime, she said: "I'm a really bad dieter.

"Honestly, I don't need to diet or cut things out to stay fit because I work out a lot.

"I'm kind of naturally thin, so if I were to completely crash diet, I'd almost be too skinny, and for the VS [Victoria's Secret] show you want to look strong and muscular and fit. Leading up to the show, I eat everything that I normally do but I moderate it. If I'm craving pizza, it's not like I'm not going to eat it. I'll have a couple of bites, or a slice, or whatever here and there and then work out harder in the gym. I don't kill myself. I can't live like that. I feel like you can eat everything that you want in moderation."