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Derek Lam wants people to discover his perfumes

Derek Lam wants people to discover his perfumes

Derek Lam shunned tradition when creating his fragrances.

The American designer launched 10 perfumes under his 10 Crosby label at the end of 2015, marking the first time he'd dipped his toe into the beauty market. Each scent was inspired by the star's personal experiences in New York City, with names like 2AM Kiss, Drunk on Youth and Thus Silent St.

And when it came to getting the products' message across Derek didn't follow the rules, creating a series of short films to accompany the scents which were brought to life by directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman.

“I didn’t want to do it in a very traditional way where it was a woman and a man and a wonderful moment together, or a woman in a field of flowers - that very traditional iconography of fragrance,” he told Pret-a-Reporter. “It was kind of like taking what I understood as the inspiration and allowing (the directors, choreographers, actors and actresses) to contribute to the development of the story. I like the fact people have to discover it and it’s not just on a billboard or a picture in a magazine.”

His launching 10 fragrances rather than one also made this venture unique, as he was inspired by the number in his brand's name. The various options gave Derek the opportunity to win over a bigger audience too as each product has its own personality.

“I want to communicate about a lifestyle, different moods, different points of view, different ways of entering imagination through fragrance," he added. “I think about the woman, I think about the mood and I think about the moment."

So how would Derek recommend approaching the 10 scents? He suggests mixing and matching the smells according to your mood and schedule, as he proposed: “Maybe start off with Silent St. and later in the day try Something Wild, or maybe you want to have a sultry night out so you switch to Blackout. It becomes a wardrobe to track your day.”

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