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Demi Lovato's long hair took '11 hours' to perfect

Demi Lovato's long hair took '11 hours' to perfect

Demi Lovato's long hair took "11 hours" to perfect, according to her hair stylist Amber Maynard Bolt.

The 23-year-old singer songwriter - who recently posted a photograph of her with long brunette tresses on her Instagram account - endured a painstakingly long trip to the hair salon to have a full head of 15 inch long hair extensions fitted and golden highlights, which took over two days.

Speaking to PEOPLE about the 'Cool For the Summer' hitmaker's new do, Amber said: "This was all Demi's idea! Like I said, this new change is all a part of the 'Demi Evolution'.

"[The extensions] are individually attached to small amounts of hair to create a more natural movement. It took about six hours to build up her look to make it most realistic."

The 'Camp Rock' actress is rumoured to have spent an additional five hours having her hair dyed because she wanted an "extra pop" of colour to her long locks.

Speaking about the highlights, the beauty professional explained: "I wouldn't call her hair ombré.

"Even though [the colour] is lighter on the ends, it still very multi-dimensional."

And Demi's beauty overhaul was a "change" Demi wanted to "shake things up", because she has sported a dark-haired crop for over a year.

Amber said: "The reason behind her new length is simple: Change.

"Demi has been rocking her short dark hair for about a year now. In the past, she has never been afraid of change, so I think this was a natural evolution for her. [She likes to] shake things up!"

And Amber has revealed she loves experimenting with the musicians style because of the positive reaction, which sees Demi "whip" her locks around.

Speaking about Demi's celebratory dance after her make-over, she said: "I think my favourite thing about adding long hair to Demi is her reaction.

"She likes to whip her hair back and forth ... and might I say, she does a pretty good job of that!"