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Dean Caten: Style is inbuilt

Dean Caten: Style is inbuilt

DSquared2's Dean Caten believes timeless style can't be taught.

The designer and his twin brother Dan work together on the label, bringing their amazing eye for fashion to the catwalk and people's wardrobes.

While Dan believes keeping it simple is the key to timeless style, his sibling doesn't think it is, well, that simple.

"Inside you. It’s built in. You either have it or you don’t," he stated to WWD.

The 50-year-olds opened up to the publication about some of the secrets to their lives, including how to throw the best party. For them, it's all about having the right people, music and plenty of champagne.

They were also quizzed on fitting into sample size, but Dean said there's no secret and you just either do or don't. However, they conceded they are always running around and eat more in the mornings than at other times.

DSquared2 is big on its denim, with the men also addressing the perfect pair of jeans.

"Knowing your body and knowing which jeans to choose for your body. It’s in the cut of the jean and it’s also in your shape. With your body, you should know what works for you," Dan explained.

Dean added: "We have five different models in our denim. There’s the Dean fit for soccer players because it’s bigger in the thigh. There’s a cool guy fit and a baby brother fit. We name them all on the back so you can always come back to that fit."

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