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David Gandy: Sometimes I feel chubby

David Gandy: Sometimes I feel chubby

David Gandy often has "fat days".

The handsome model is known for his chiselled features and muscular physique, which has landed him campaigns for the likes of Dolce & Gabbana and British retailer Marks & Spencer, with who he has a line of underwear.

That's not to say he restricts himself from having a break every now and then though.

"Of course [I have fat days!] I work hard at it," he explained to Red magazine. "At the gym there are people with all the gear and no idea, and then people in scruffy tracksuit bottoms working hard. That’s me at the end of the day."

He added that models are just as popular and smart as bankers and that he doesn't want to be known just for stripping off to his pants.

Many similarities have been drawn between him and fellow hunk David Beckham, who has also shown off his toned body to model underwear. But they're not in competition and the D&G star thinks people should be pleased that two British men are "taking on the world".

David is proud of his roots and wishes he could do more for companies which he holds a soft spot for.

"We’re terrible at investing in our own companies. It upsets me that half the companies on Savile Row aren’t British-owned. When I see a small British company I believe in, I’m in the privileged position to give it a chance," he explained.

"London is an extraordinary place to be, and we should be proud of our great brands. I’m proud to have stuck here. I belong to England."

David also made reference to the industry's "obsession" with boys and doesn't understand why "true men" now take a back seat when it comes to being in the spotlight.

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