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David Gandy shudders at lobster tan

David Gandy shudders at lobster tan

David Gandy isn’t impressed by how wrong English people get it when it comes to tanning.

The buffed up model shot to fame after posing in his smalls for Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue fragrance. Since then he has shown off his tanned torso and brooding good looks for various designers, both in campaigns and on the catwalk.

While he thinks he looks best with a tan, he knows not everyone’s skin fares well in the sunshine.

“So they get tanning very wrong, and they either look either very red or not that great,” he commented to “Some people look better when they're paler - I don't - but some (look) beautiful like that, especially paired with auburn hair. So you can't give the same advice to everyone.

“Just make your skin look as healthy as can be, (using) a scrub and a serum. You know, English people get it wrong all of the time. They see a bit of sun and get very excited and they just go straight out into the day sun without sunscreen.”

While many models have hailed the social media revolution for giving them a voice, 36-year-old David generally lets his team run his online pages. He also isn’t a fan of taking selfies, especially after reading an article which claimed the more self-portrait photographs a person takes, the less sex they are having.

“The selfishness of taking a selfie means that they could never actually connect with someone deeply enough to have great sex. It would have to be about them,” he smiled, adding: “Every week I have my picture taken. There are enough pictures of me - the world does not need any more."

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